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Rory Posin

John Mark Ruddell

If you are looking for "results", we highly recommend Rory and Kristian, at Rory Posin - RE/MAX Estate Properties. No question, they should be your number one choice on the West side. We recently sold our home in Cheviot Hills, and were represented by Rory and Kristian. We have a lengthy history with both of them, having purchased and then later sold a previous Cheviot Hills home with them, as well as purchasing the current home through them. Let me share our experience with them in marketing and selling our home in June 2018. Perhaps the most market-savvy in Cheviot Hills, they provided us with balanced, objective counsel on the timing of our sale, as we were in no hurry. Each of Kristian and Rory separately visited us at home and discussed the pros and cons of selling in the current market, which we eventually chose to do. No pressure, just solid counsel and information, that proved to be very helpful.

They also discussed who they believed to be the ideal demographic, which proved to be spot-on. To make a long story short, our home sold almost immediately, with 14 offers. Clearly the home's charm and market conditions helped, but Rory, Kristian and their team really moved swiftly, and deftly to market this, including highly effective media and online marketing. There simply isn't a better choice when it comes to marketing and to tapping into the all-important word-of-mouth channel, to get prospects in. Only someone with long experience in the Westside, can tap into this “informal” market channel, and this should be carefully considered when choosing realtors. Finally, and the most important experience to share with you, was the counsel and objectivity of evaluating the various offers.

We received detailed spreadsheet summaries of all offers, along with pros and cons of each. Here's the most telling part of our experience you should know - both Rory and Kristian had separate, individual clients who made offers (all above-board and disclosed to us). Obviously the most lucrative outcome for them would have been to have us accept the offer from one of their clients - thus getting both sides of the deal. We ultimately wanted to go back to another buyer, who was not their client, and see if they would raise their bid. Rory went back and spent a day negotiating that offer, and ultimately got us an improved offer (substantially over asking price) which we took, effectively working hard to get US the best deal, even though they had a very close offer from one of their own clients. In short, they went the extra mile for us, even though the alternative would have earned them a much higher commission. That's integrity and professionalism - and that's perhaps the best testament, and just one illustration of why we will recommend Rory and Kristian every time..

John Lee

Where do I begin... My wife and I had less then satisfactory experiences with agents in the past, so we made sure to do our homework this time around when it came to selling our condo on the Westside. We met and talked to about a half dozen different agents before we decided to go with Rory and his team.

We ultimately decided to go with Rory for many reasons. One was I felt the other realtors we talked to just wanted to make a quick sell and valued our place pretty low. Rory was able to see the real value and understood how prospective buyers would potentially view it (location, layout, etc.). In the end, we ended up selling for 10% more than what any of the other agents wanted to list it for. Another reason we went with Rory is that he came with his team. He, Kristian, and Ashley make the ultimate real estate group. They all work so well together and function as a team, one thing a lot of other agents were lacking.

Also, Rory has 20 years in the business. He was raised on the Westside and knows the market like none other. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone with the experience and knowledge about the Westside like Rory.

The actual process of selling our home went smoothly. As anyone who has sold a home can attest to, selling a home is a lot of work. Rory and Kristian were consummate professionals throughout the entire process, helping us every single step of the way. They were always open to working around our schedule and were sensitive to the fact that we still had our lives to live during the open houses and viewings.

In the end, we had over 8 offers within a couple days of our open house. And only a week after we listed, we accepted an offer for more than our listed price. This truly speaks volumes about the "Results" Rory and his team can achieve.

Neal Shah

My wife and I recently purchased our first home in Cheviot Hills. Rory and his team of Kristian Bonk and Ashley were representing the seller. Much to our surprise, when we first sat down with Rory in his office to make an offer to the owners, he actually advised my wife and I to take the weekend and reconsider whether a home purchase made "sense" for our family at this time, and if we truly wanted this particular house. They took the time to learn about our family, our current and anticipated future plans, as well as our financial picture. This, to me, demonstrated the high level of integrity that his group possesses. I think more agents than not would have been pushing for us to simply sign the offer letter, but instead they made sure this was in our best interests, and that my wife and I were not pressured into making such a difficult decision. Obtaining financing was not easy, to say the least. But throughout the whole process, they continually checked in with us, as well as our lender, and helped to keep the seller comfortable with the whole process, especially after it took a few days longer than the original escrow to even close financing.

After we had moved in, and their commission had already been payed, we had some issues with maintenance and one of the appliances. Kristian called the home warranty company, arranged for the contractors to come out, and even stayed at our house while the work was being done, since my wife nor I could be there due to scheduling concerns. The Results realty group are true professionals, and our experience with them was excellent. They have strong ties to the community, and an in depth knowledge of the local market.

Russ Krassnoff

We had already secured a buyer for our home in Cheviot Hills before hiring an agent. We then had to make the decision of how to handle the paperwork and details. We thought of hiring a real estate attorney, but decided an agent who is accustomed to the day to day details might be a better idea. Thank goodness we made that decision and Rory and Kristian were just the right guys to manage the whole process for us.

We didn't even know how important that decision was until escrow closed. To the very end there was nothing Rory and Kristian couldn't handle (including clearing the trash our movers left behind minutes before the walk through with our buyers). We had no idea how valuable they would be to us in the process and can't thank them enough for their professionalism and anticipation of every issue each step of the way!


Rory and Kristian and their fantastic support team (Ashley, Nikki and Byron) provide best in class service. Following our recent home sale, my wife and I can't imagine anyone handling such sensitive and crucial personal transactions any better then them. I'm a commercial real estate attorney of 20 years and my wife is a family law attorney, so we've both held the hands of many clients, friends and family as they anxiously bought and sold their own homes. We've both seen many residential brokers in action and plenty of drama filled sale escrows. So when we went to sell our house we chose very carefully.

We are very pleased to have chosen Rory Posin - Results Real Estate Group. Following a handful of lengthy meetings and calls, and having experienced them deliver as promised on some initial requests, we placed great trust in Rory and Kristian: we let them hold our first open house when we were away on vacation and off the grid! They navigated every thing from advising on last minute pre-open house furniture placement, providing security during the open house, juggling multiple offers (an above asking price bidding war) and responding to Buyer;s many questions and requests following inspections. These guys are like family to us now that they were such a crucial part of making our family dreams come true. I know it sounds sappy but it's true!


I had the pleasure of having Ron Losch of Rory's office help me sale my existing home and assisted me in all aspects of the negotiations and ultimate sole my house before it could make it to the market within days of my discussion to sell, at top dollar. He also helped me purchase my new home. Ron takes pride in the work he does and makes sure that the highest level of service is always achieved. I'm very picky and had a long list of must haves. He was patient and focused on finding me homes that met as much of my criteria that he could find within my price range. After working with me for 5 months he finally found a home that had all my must haves except one and I think that was exceptional based on the list I gave him. At the close of escrow he was there to help make sure that everything went well and provided me with a list of local vendors to make changes and repairs needed on my new home. He continues to check in periodically to see how things are going. I must say that I have bought multiple homes over the years and he is a dream agent to work with. I would recommend him to anyone.


My husband and I hired Rory and Kristian to sell our house in Cheviot Hills. We had a great experience working with them: everything they outlined for us at our first meeting happened in accordance w our expectations. Kristian and his staff went above and beyond in staging our house, which had never looked better. The house was priced correctly, and sold in a week as they had told us it would.

They gave us excellent advice about selecting the buyer among the many offers we received.

They also followed through diligently with regard to handling all the paperwork and details as we sailed through escrow. It was an absolute pleasure working with them, and as an added bonus, we very much enjoyed their company and the attention we received.


We used Rory Posin and his partner, Kristian Bonk, to sell our home. We could not have been more pleased with their full service, totally responsive, hands on, approach. They expertly advised us on each step of the process -- from initial pricing, to how best to prepare the property for showing, to evaluating the offers and then guiding us through the entire escrow process. They were spot on each step of the way. Not only were they both personally easy to deal with, but the trust and confidence that developed between us during what could have been a stressful period made the whole sale process easy and uneventful. Rory and Kristian are consummate professionals who know how to sell a house and how to smooth out what could be a bumpy ride. They were always there when we needed them. We were so fortunate to have had them as our selling broker.


My wife and I had the pleasure of having Ron Loesch of Rory's office help us find our forever home. In addition to his knowledge of the area, he assisted us in all aspects of the negotiations and ultimate sale. Ron was always available and at no time did he let us down. Even after we closed escrow, he referred us to local plumbers/painters/etc. On the day that we moved in, he sent us a tray of sandwiches, salads and drinks for our movers. We still hear from him as to how we are doing and do we need anything. I have bought multiple homes over the years and can honestly say that my experience with Ron is at the top of my list. I would recommend him to anyone. If you are in need, do yourself a favor and call him.


Rory and Kristian represented us in selling and buying a home in Cheviot Hills. I highly recommend them. Rory and Kristian made the process of selling our house almost stress free. They guided us through the entire process - from preparing the house, inspections, and closing escrow. We were able to sell our house in 2 weeks with multiple offers. They also represented us in the purchase of our new home. They were tough negotiators in getting us a fair price and guided us through the escrow process, again making it smooth and almost stress free


It's no stretch to call Rory "Mr. Cheviot Hills". When it came time to sell our place we knew our first call would be to Rory. After interviewing a few options Rory and his team stood out from the rest. They provide A+ service throughout the whole experience from staging to all the details of marketing your property. You get a great team with Kristian, Byron and the rest of the crew. A huge benefit in working with Rory is he helps source new listings in the area that are off market or still in development.


My wife and I have used Rory Posin on two separate occasions as both sellers and buyers. He is by far the most experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent in the Cheviot Hills area in Los Angeles. He is very professional and his high level of service does not stop once the sale is completed. He has always been available and a great resource to us as his clients. It is clear that Rory takes pride in the work he does and makes sure that the highest level of service is always achieved. I highly recommend Rory for any real estate needs, as he delivers the goods


We recently had the pleasure of working with Rory when we purchased our first home. He was always available and had great knowledge of the market and areas we were looking at. He always put our interests first. He was an expert and savvy negotiator for us and made sure that we both got the house we wanted and also the best deal possible. We had a wonderful experience with Rory and his team, and would highly recommend him.

Chris Miller

Rory and Kristian are the only choice for Cheviot Hills! They patiently and diligently helped us for almost a year before we were finally ready to put the house on the market. Every recommendation they made was right and we were in escrow 48 hours after our first open house after picking from multiple great offers. From helping us with improvements to staging to negotiating at close, Rory and Kristian did it all.

Russ Bartmuss

Rory and Kristian helped us purchase our home in Cheviot Hills a few years ago. Their knowledge and expertise made it possible for us to find our dream home and close escrow quickly and efficiently. In addition, they continue to follow up with valuable advice and assistance for maintaining and improving our home. I highly recommend Rory and Kristian to anyone seeking real estate assistance in West Los Angeles.


It was a pleasure working with Rory and Kristian on the the sale of our home. They guided the process, held our hands, offered sage advise, provided great customer service and were absolutely lovely to deal with. They were also so generous of their time and expertise in helping us coordinate and manage our move. They made it all as easy as can be.

Arnie Perkins

Ron Losch managed the sale of our property in Santa Monica as painless and as quick as humanly possible. He was always on top of matters and represented us in a very professional manner. He understood all the nuances of commercial residential transactions with respect to Santa Monica City. I would recommend Ron and his team in a heart beat.


We were so happy working with Rory and Ron. They are very helpful and knowledgeable in everything they do. Selling our home and buying a new home worked out so smoothly and quickly. We could not have done it without them.


Rory Posin was an incredible agent. We used him on both sides of our transactions and he really put our interests first, even before his own. Rory was always available, with great advice and knowledge. He is an expert negotiator and would not rest until we got the very best deal possible. I would highly recommend Rory's services and will definitely use him myself going forward.


Ron Losch was our agent in 2014 to buy a home. He provided incredible service and is a great guy! We really enjoyed working with him and will call him again if we ever decide to move.

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